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For a quarter of a century Events Management Consultancy has provided a wide range of venue consultancy and implementation services to clients around the world. Assignments include: diversification programmes for stately homes and museums, feasibility studies for new venues and venues returning to the market and a full range of business development services fro venues. Venue Marketing plans and sales strategies, health and safety audits and compliance checks can all be done either as part of a consultancy package or as a single project.

Historic House Audits and Project Management

We review all aspects of a venue’s facilities for revenue generation opportunities, statutory compliance and business and events opportunities. We also provide a project management service to new venues or venues returning to the market or launching new facilities and products.

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Feasibility Studies

At Events Management Consultancy we have 20 years experience of venue consultancy, producing feasibility studies for venues, events, agencies and suppliers.

Business Development

We provide venues with a complete business development package including marketing plans, sales strategies, direct sales support, competitive analysis and viability studies.

Event Management

Events form a major part of venues product offering and marketing plan and we can assist in all aspects of the event management process.

Event Planning

Events Management Consultancy advise on event planning for venues including event programmes, event schedules and major event planning including obtaining licenses, planning permission and statutory compliance.

Sales Channels

E+M+C has extensive experience in helping venues address multiple sales channels and niche markets. In particular, we understand:

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