Conference Planning from Events Management Consultancy

Conference planning involves many disciplines but it starts with two key questions, which will help determine the required route map. The questions are: firstly, “What is the objective?” and secondly “how do we get there?”

Having decided on the objective the key issues are: who speaks, who attends, at what location and at what time of the year? Other issues will influence the answers to these questions including budget, availability of venue and the corporate calendar.

At Event Management Consultance we can assist in drawing up the route map and advise on some or all of the issues outlined above.

We have access to budgeting tools, delegate management tools and the production skills and equipment required to make the process smooth, effective and efficient. We also have knowledge and experience of who the good speakers are, and where to find the best presenters, interactive tools and set designers.

If required we can also assist with sourcing script writers, presentation creators and designers.

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