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Having worked in the Live Events sector for 25 years and developed a number of businesses ourselves, Events Management Consultancy is uniquely placed to provide business development services to all manner of companies in the sector.

Events Management Consultancy can assist in all aspects of business development including strategic planning, new business opportunities, sales generation and marketing plans. We are well placed to advise companies coming into the market, businesses wishing to grow or diversify and businesses who lack in-house resource when demand peaks.

Some clients have a very specific requirement whether it is to find new business or new partners and opportunities others need help with strategy, direction or funding, some need interim management assistance. Events Management Consultancy provides all these services.

We have access to mailing lists, data bases and networks specifically tailored to the event industry and companies in it.

As part of a business development project we can provide the following:

Our business development services include:

Proposal Writing

We can provide assistance with all aspects of proposal writing including research, production and presentation. We also assist with awards entries and tenders.

Events Research

Research is an important part of events proposal writing, events production and competitor evaluation. Events Management Consultancy has extensive resources and can provide a quick and effective research service.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct all aspects of a feasibility study including competition analysis, market conditions and financial viability.

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